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London England to Mongolia Auto Rally

Posted by on August 17, 2018

Mongolian RallyThe Mongolia charity rally is from London to the capital of Mongolia Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar), and was organized by charity rally part of Go Health, a UK based charity, in 2014. Participants start the 22,000 kilometer trip from London England. Our intrepid team then drove to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia where they work with a partner charity of Go Health. We received sponsor support from the generous funders listed on screen. We had an amazing adventure, and met a multitude of people and places and memories along the way.

Mongolian RallyA trip like this is so amazing. When we were on this trip we can saw how big the world is, and yet everywhere we went the people were really hospitable, and willing to offer their help, their hospitality. Going on a trip like this is also a way to connect to historical roots that we as a world community share; I mean some of earliest east-west connections that brought different cultures together, you know, whether it’s the spice route or planning a sailing route to get to Asia, it drove a lot of what the world was. An amazing part of our experience here have been to realize how the world has really become one culture of one world, one people, you know, one modern people; although of course we still went through many areas that were definitely remote, though there’s more unifying between us as people than there is dividing them. So that’s what we want to share.

Mongolian RallyLive, Love, Laugh today and think how good it is to be alive. And how beautiful the world is, we want to reach out to all and share our embrace, and maybe sometimes it’s hard to see beauty in times of stress, pain or loss though we do want to emphasize that life is good and we are all blessed. And if you’re so lucky to travel, adventure or relax with special people even better, it’s such a meaningful memorable and shaping experience, love to all friends.