About Michael


An intrepid traveller with an insatiable appetite for adventure, food, and the open road. With a passion for travelling to far-flung destinations, Michael is always on the lookout for new experiences and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether navigating winding mountain roads or cruising along coastal highways on four wheels or two, Michael is a born driver who finds joy in the journey as much as the destination. 






Rally History

Mongol Rally: from the UK to Ulaanbaatar, with only a handful of breakdowns.

Trans-Amazon Rally: a Paris-Dakar style raid from Columbia to Argentina.  The event was troubled from the start, with the promoter going bust the day prior to the start. It looked like a tough yet exciting event to be a part of, with just 13 entrants reaching the finish.

Australian Safari: Greatest motoring challenge of the 1990s. Sydney to Darwin.

Alcan 5000: From fractured foglights to gravel-rashed chassis a time-speed-distance (TSD) endurance rally to the Arctic Circle…in February.

Targa New Zealand: Rental car rally-styles.

Carrera de la Paz: Baja off road style.

Rally of the Lost Patrol: a winter driving adventure with an average temperature of -30 below zero. 3,000 miles on snow and ice, another 200 miles on frozen rivers, and 2,000 miles on major highways. Seattle to BC and straight on up  to the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and the Arctic Circle in February.

Trans Borneo: Mud, mud-filled boots, and more mud. Off-roading in Sabah and Sarawak in the 1990s in a Toyota Landcruiser.

Cannonball Run Rally:  an unsanctioned speed record for driving across the United States. Essentially a permission slip for speed.