About Elly

Hi I am Elspeth, aka Elly, Elrulio, Elroy or Evil El !


I take adventure seriously, or at least tongue in cheek. 

It is deemed that I was born with the DRD4-7R gene.  This gene is predominant in the travelling type.

I’m restless, curious, and full of WANDERLUST as I rally the world in various, sometimes not the coolest, transportation.








Favourite Country


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111 Countries Visited

After 100, it gets tough keeping track. But I know I’ve got many more to go!


“Wanderlust knows no bounds, weaving its spell on souls of all kinds, beckoning them to explore, to discover, and to find themselves amidst the vast tapestry of the world.”


My Rally History in no particular order

  • Australian Safari: Greatest motoring challenge of the 1990s. Sydney to Darwin.
  • Cannonball Run Rally:  an unsanctioned speed record for driving across the United States.
  • Targa New Zealand: in a rental car. Cause..why not?
  • Indian Rickshaw Run: easily the least sensible thing to do in two weeks. From Kochi to Shillong with no set route and no backup. The only certainty was we would get lost, we would get stuck, and we would break down….31 times.
  • Mongol Rally: the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. This is 10,000 miles of chaos across mountains, deserts and steppes on roads ranging from bad to not-a-road. Just 30+ countries
  • South American Rally through Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela in 06′. “Ask me what I remember about Venezuela…
  • La Ruta Maya; 4-day grueling canoe marathon through Belize. “Why I did this twice, I still don’t know…