August 17th to August 19th


Jess and I left the Wild Wild West Canada, however, got lost finding Vancouver Airport with Michael as our driver…We even plugged in Consuela Miss GPS and she too could not find the right terminal.  At last we made it with only 3 hours to spare…

After checking in with Air China, we discovered that everything was closed.  So we headed to the Air China Lounge – they let US in!!!  And with open “bar” privileges… it was great as we chilled in comfy chairs and sipped on Scotch and appies until our flight was called.

We were in the back of the plane with a very strange curtain surrounding our seats along with 4 other seats – not sure why…  We took our “magic” pill and we were “down” for 10 hours.  Landed in Beijing at 5:30 am and it took 30 minutes to get thru customs.  We walked the airport and decided it was time for a Chinese beer as we had 2 hours to kill before our flight to Shanghai.  Found the Air China lounge and chilled out there with Chinese beers – scored again.

Boarded flight to Shanghai and slept for another 2 hours.

OK now time to put on my big knapsack – holy crap – it weighs a ton!!!  why did I bring so much stuff????  I could have just brought my “day” pack.  next time!!

To begin with, my pack never was adjusted for me, the “big mother”  was resting below my bum – yikes – had to adjust!!!  Got on the subway – really clean!!!  took 30 minutes to get to Peoples Square where our Ming hostel is located.  It is 36 c out – BOILING HOT!!!!!  and with ???? lbs on my back – we finally find the hostel – it is choice!!!

Showered and hit the streets – no JET LAG for us.  Walked and walked – so clean!  Went to the Bund area – really choice on the river.  The huge Department st store had the funkiest massage chairs that massaged our feet right up to our heads.  We really need these in Canada!!!

Hit the Waldorf Astoria to check out the “longest bar” in Asia.  Had drinks and then checked out a beautiful bank and there was a massive bronze bull outside.  Photo moment!!

Found the Captain which is a hostel with a rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the Bund skyline and lights – WOWOWOWOWOW – I think we might just have to stay here when we return next week, if just for the view…

Back to our hostel and crashed.  Up to catch the subway to airport to fly to Chungking.  OOOOPS – we went to the wrong airport!!!!  missed the flight…  this is why we need to learn MANDARIN!!!!!!

OK so we booked flight for next morning and got a cheap hotel by the airport – did a little shopping – the 3rd floor of the “mall” was full of “games” for the dads to take the kids to while the moms shopped.

The grocery store was enormous and had everything.  We picked up a bottle of Chinese wine, which we are enjoying right now in our room.  It cost 5 bucks.

Time to go and have some noodles and then to bed so we catch our flight tomorrow at 7 am.