Crossing the “Official” Finish Line in Durban 🏁

What an exhilarating journey it has been! We’ve finally reached the finish line in Durban!

The excitement and emotions ran high as we crossed the official finish line, with Marsel. And to think, we had no idea if we’d make it. Not every car did.

Seven countries, 7739km over 28 days.

A celebratory farewell dinner awaited, accompanied by the tunes of a fantastic trio.

I had the honour of clinching the Fisherwoman’s Award for reeling in the most fish while Michael landed the biggest catch of the day!

As the night unfolded, dancing and toasting filled the air, marking the end of this incredible adventure amongst new friends.

But for some, the journey was still far from over. On Sunday, amidst the bustle of rallyists preparing to ship their cars home, a select few boldly decided to embark on the unofficial, final leg of the journey, closing the circle back to the beginnings in Cape Town.

Just another 1800km to go!