Day 8: A Rollercoaster Ride from Swakopmund to Damaraland, North Western Namibia

Today’s journey was one for the books, spanning 446 km of what could only be described as the worst roads we’ve encountered so far. For nearly 200 km, our teeth chattered incessantly as Marsel navigated through the rough terrain.

Despite the challenges, we pressed on, but unfortunately, not all of our fellow rally participants fared as well. A few cars experienced breakdowns, requiring repairs or even tows! However, Marsel proved to be a trooper and made it through unscathed!

As we traversed the rugged landscape, we visited several villages belonging to different tribes, including the Himba Topless Tribe and the Herrero Tribe. Along the road, we also encountered numerous stalls selling stones and gems, adding a touch of local colour to our journey.

Arriving at our lodge, we were greeted by charming cabins surrounded by vibrant vegetable and hoop gardens. The evening was filled with camaraderie as we enjoyed a delicious kudu stew, biltong, chicken, and veggies, accompanied by some outstanding wines.

The lodge staff went above and beyond, washing all the rally cars to rid them of the day’s dust and grime.