Days 9 & 10: Smooth Sailing to Etosha, North Western Namibia

Continuing our journey through North Western Namibia, we covered 459 km on fantastic, smooth roads—a stark contrast to the rough terrain of the previous day. The drive was a breeze, allowing us to soak in the stunning landscapes with ease.

Our first stop in Outjo was a delightful surprise. The best coffee in Namibia, along with delicious donuts and sweets to satisfy our cravings, was awaiting us.

We were ready to conquer the road ahead with Marsel now equipped with four matching tires (!!). Along the way, we were treated to the skilled craftsmanship of local artisans, who carved chestnuts that quickly became a hit among our fellow travellers.

However, our smooth journey hit a minor snag upon reaching a gate, where Marsel started revving uncontrollably. More work was needed, but we remained optimistic, trusting the Rally Gods to see us through.

We enjoyed a refreshing swim at our beautiful lodge before embarking on an exhilarating game drive at 6 am. The wildlife sightings were spectacular, from zebras and elephants to lion cubs and giraffes.

As the day drew to a close, we gathered for an open-air bush braai (BBQ), savouring the flavours of the African bush under the starry night sky.

Back at camp, the mechanics worked their magic, redoing Marsel’s wiring harness and ensuring everything was in top shape for the journey ahead. Despite the challenges, we remained steadfast in our belief that the Rally Gods were watching over us, guiding us safely through each twist and turn of the road.