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Fun with Goats and finally a shower

Posted by on September 16, 2011

We had alot of fun with the goats – very cute and love our bits of food we have with us. They actually will eat anything and everything and always attempted to get into our Ger.

Bedtime at the Ger was always around 9 pm and up at 7 am. Usually no electricity, just our headlamps. And no water, just the squat toilet about a 100 metres away in the field. Lots of hand sanitizer used.

On our 5th day we had a public shower – it was in a building on a Sunday afternoon – big lineup – $1.50 – but wow it was nice and we all smelled great after it!!!

Went to look for dinosaur fossils and in the distance were huge mountains with tons of snow.

There were a couple of nights we froze – the stove crapped out and no more camel dung to be thrown into it. We wore all our clothes to bed and couldn’t wait to get into the van in the morning to get some heat. And one of our Gers was full of spiders – had to use a s#&tload of spray and pray!!! We were really roughing it.

At another Ger, a lady made homemade noodles mixed with yak and garlic and onions – delicious!

I ended up buying camelhair leggings from a woman outside one of the temples just to wear under my thin pants. They are great. Now need some wool mitts.

Our last night out on tour, we stayed at a horsefarm and we went out with the farmers on horseback and rounded up a few hundred sheep – what fun!!!

We are now GERED OUT and back at the hostel in UB. We are catching the 9 pm train to Ulan Ude in Russia. Doing up laundry and chilling with Mong beer.

Love this country and will absolutely come back and visit the other vast areas.

Found out there is the Mongol Rally which starts in UK and ends up in UB. Just might have to look into doing it next July. It goes through 23 countries!!!!

Ciao and we are off to RUSSIA tonight.