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Gobi Desert

Posted by on September 15, 2011

We walked the “Flaming Cliffs” which were absolutely beautiful and the sky was Mongolian BLUE! Bought some gloves for 40 cents. We drove to a temple in the middle of nowhere and the Mongolians build little rock sculptures similar to our Inukshuks.

We arrive at the Gobi and what a sight – 175 miles of sand dunes – so incredibly beautiful. So we climbed one of the bigger dunes and planted a Canadian flag and then slid down the dune – it was HOT and we loved it after so many cold nights. We stayed at this Ger for 2 days and the 2nd day we went out on the camels – these big guys are so gentle. They have 2 humps and if their humps are droopy it means they have not got enough nourishment in them. Our camels had good humps! After our camel ride we were thirsty for beers as it was HOT in the desert, so Jackie took us to another Ger where the woman had ice cold beers for sale – YEAH – we also went into the old man’s Ger and drank some of their homemade vodka – he had me drink one small cup and then another huge one “toktoy” was “cheers” in Mongolian. He also served us cheese which was so strong, blah… Back to the Ger to play cards in the sun – fun times in the desert!!!!

Our next night I slept in the absolutely worst bed in the world. I swear it was a mattress made out of uneven bricks. All the beds are hard but this one was the worst. And our dinner was a huge bowl of overcooked pasta that I would not have served to Cab…
The breakfasts consist of bread, jam, fake Nutella, butter, coffee and tea. And sometimes the salted milk tea. Lunches were rice with mutton, or noodles with mutton, never fruit. The lamb dumplings were really great – that was our favourite for sure. No dessert ever.