September 4 GENTAMAHOW INTREPID translated to “SO F++++kin GOOD!!!!

This was our final day with the Intrepid group and we started out with bus trip to the GREAT WALL – Mutiantu.
We walked up to station number 21. The views were incredible and the walk was a long one and so worth it. Some of the steps were really narrow – made for little feet…
When we walked down, we got to number 6 and took a toboggan slide to the bottom – whoa what a thrill, you had to keep your distance and nobody did.

That night we went to a very cool restaurant and dined on Peking Duck. The first course was the duck skin – crispy and delicious. Second course was the duck meat – so tender and full of flavour. The third course was meat with skin on and the fourth course was the bones to chew on and also, I was given one of the duck heads to pick apart.

Our Intrepid group was great and consisted of the following characters:

The Scorpion and nonSpiceGirl Aussies
Lost and Found Aussies
Dashing Brits
Budgee Smuggler Kiwi
Baijo Beijing Dude

Jess and I now have some great trips planned with accommodations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

We are now in Mongolia and will be INCOMMUNICADO for 10 days as we venture into the Gobi Desert, staying in Gers and travelling on Yaks, Camels and Horses. The weather is very chilly and looking ahead looks like we dip into freezing temps at night. We are in the country of BLUE SKIES.