The Art of Squatting August 25 – 28, 2011

Coming from the Western World, we are not too familiar with “Squat Toilets” and they are very common in this part of the world.  The 1st thing to remember when travelling in China is too bring your own TP – they do not supply it unless you are staying at a upscale hotel.  The squat toilet involves placing your feet on either side of the “hole” and squatting as low as you can go without falling over, and aiming for the hole.  Some squats have handrails, but it’s better if you have good balance, strong thighs and a tight core!
We are now back in Shanghai at the Captain’s Hostel which is right off the Bund (the beautiful esplanade which runs alongside the river)   Our hostel has a great rooftop bar with a view of the magnificent skyline and at night it is magical.  We are paying $7.00 each per night at the hostel and our room has 5 beds, but we are the only ones in it – we lucked out!!!
The massive subway system in Shanghai is efficient, clean and easy to use.
Venturing into “Old Shangahi” was a treat, away from the hustle and bustle of the section our hostel is in.  We found some beautiful shops and art museums and had the best foot and back massage by 2 wonderful Chinese women.
A short ferry ride took us across the river to the Pudang Financial District of Shanghai.  We went up to the 86th floor of the Hyatt which is the highest bar in the world.  The view was “forever”.
Tonight we start the “official” tour and meet our travelling buddies.  We have moved from the hostel to a hotel!!