Tires, fuel pumps, steering knuckles and more tires, oh my!

Two new tires and three spares, a mix of mounted and loose, were on the agenda, all vital to keeping our operation rolling smoothly. Fortunately, our trusty rally mechanics had space on their trailer to accommodate the load.

However, a roadblock emerged when the Mercedes dealer informed us of a three-month wait for the steering knuckles we urgently required. Undeterred, Michael scoured a small shop brimming with vintage Mercedes parts, hoping to strike gold among the treasures of yesteryear.

Amidst the search, a sudden bout of illness threatened to derail his day, but there was no time to dwell. With a determined mindset, he rallied and adopted the mantra, “suck it up, princess.”

Our morning itinerary was a race against the clock. We began with a pre-dawn visit to the tire shop to avoid the inevitable queues. Then, we stopped at the Mercedes dealer in town, both rare sightings after traversing the desert the past week.

Despite the whirlwind pace, by the time the 9 am start rolled around, he began to reclaim his humanity, gradually feeling normal by midday.

What is this? Day 8 of 36?!?!…. Another day, another challenge. Today’s triumph? Michael swiftly repairing a fuel pump wiring issue in under 20 minutes (!)

Despite facing the worst road conditions encountered across 130 countries, Michael and I persevere, navigating the unforgiving terrain and ensuring our Marsel remains operational. It’s a relentless cycle of repairs and maintenance, amongst long days of driving and late nights of food, drinks and a lot of laughter between fellow rallyists.