Where do we even begin…??

It’s been one hell of a few days for all of us: Marsel has had many breakdowns, I’ve gotten closer than ever expected to a seal, and Michael has had a dinner friend…just a baby jackal.

Leaving Michael behind to get intimate with Marsel’s inner wiring and after a rocky ride with the support truck, my unexpected detour led me to Walvis Bay. There, on a catamaran ride, I was greeted by an unexpected lunch companion – Sky the Seal! Sky, just one of the 88,000 Cape Fur seals in the area, hopped on board for a meal and provided moments of pure hilarity with his friendly antics. After his impromptu visit, Sky bid us farewell, flying off the boat to rejoin his buddies while we were treated to Namibian oysters and bubbly on deck.

Returning to port, the rally camaraderie shone brightly as a few Porsches awaited us. In a true display of teamwork, one of our fellow rallyists graciously rearranged her bags into another Porsche, making room for me in the backseat. Together, we covered the final 40 kilometres to Swakopmund, where I was reunited with Michael and Marsel. But, as they say, there’s always another side to the story…

On May the Fourth (be with you), Michael and I embarked on an epic climb up Dune 45 in the Namib Desert. Standing tall at 85 meters, the challenge was daunting, but our inner Skywalkers prevailed as we conquered this legendary landmark. The sweeping view from the summit was nothing short of breathtaking, a testament to the beauty of nature’s wonders.

The desert adventures took many unexpected turns when a flying rock left a fellow rallyist in a Peugeot with a shattered windshield. Driving with a makeshift window in the sandy desert must have been blinding for him! (As I write this, I’m happy to say that his windshield has been replaced by a Land Cruiser’s windshield (!)

The challenges faced by our vintage cars include a few flat tires along the way, fuel pump issues, and wires coming out of place (due to the washboard roads). Despite the hurdles, each bump in the road only added to the thrill of the adventure. So here’s to facing challenges head-on and making unforgettable memories, one flat tire at a time! 🚗💨🏜️