Wrapping Up the End Journey: A Tale of Police Stops and Sweet Canadian Surprises!

Our extended finish journey was nothing short of spectacular, whisking us through breathtaking landscapes from Oribi Gorge to Port St. Johns, Morgan Bay, Shamwari Game Reserve, Knysna, and finally, the stunning shores of Cape Town! But amidst the beauty, there were some unexpected encounters with the local law enforcement.

One day, as Marsel sprinted along, we found ourselves pulled over by the police, their cameras flashing as they approached. After the routine license and registration check, they surprised us by asking for a drink instead of issuing a fine. With nothing to offer but Canadian hospitality, I reached for a bottle of the real deal—pure Canadian Maple Syrup! The officer studied the bottle with curiosity, and I encouraged him to share it with his sweetheart. Miraculously, he let us off the hook with a smile.

And there it was, the culmination of our epic journey—10,000 kilometers of highs and breakdowns, triumphs and challenges. Marsel proved his mettle, and we met incredible people along the way who have become lifelong friends. The warmth and hospitality of the African people left an indelible mark on our hearts.

As we reflect on our adventure, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the experiences we’ve had and the memories we’ve made. And with that, our journey comes to a close. Until the next adventure awaits! 🚗✨